Find Text in PDF function needs to be vastly improved

I have found that, when I am in EndNote’s quick edit mode and I have the reference and the PDF file open in two adjacent windows, the find text function in the PDF window works sporadically at best.  For example, I have had numerous instances in which I have searched for specific text within a PDF file and EndNote returns no hits.  When I take the same document and open it in Acrobat 10, however, numerous hits are returned.  Worse, as a test of this function, I have copied text from the PDF document in the quick edit window of EndNote and placed it into the search box and the program STILL returned no hits.  As nice as it would be to use this function, its unreliability necessitates that I open up the PDF file in Acrobat to make sure that I am not missing information.  Please improve the reliability of this tool.  Thank you.