Follett MARC records

I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to find an import filter that will bring these in. Here’s what a record looks like to begin with: 4500001001300000003000600013005001700019008004100036010001700077020001500094035001800109040002900127042000900156050002100165082002100186245012500207250001200332260004300344300003800387510004700425510004700472510004600519510003700565510003900602510004400641510002500685510002400710510005400734510003000788520016200818521004300980650005601023650004301079650003501122650002201157700001901179700002501198852003201223940016201255fol05635023 ICrlF20051201135310.7990825s2001    maua   j      000 0 eng    a   99046884   a0763610356  a(ICrlF)01821R  aDLCcDLCdKyLxBWIdICrlF  alcac00aPZ5b.S5145 200100a810.8/09283722200aThings I have to tell you :bpoems and writing by teenage girls /cedited by Betsy Franco ; photographs by Nina Nickles.  a1st ed.  aCambridge, Mass. :bCandlewick,c2001.  axii, 63 p. :bill. ;c20 x 24 cm.3 aWilson’s Senior High School, November 20023 aWilson’s Junior High School, November 20053 aNotable/Best Books (A.L.A.), January 20023 aSchool Library Journal, May 20013 aBook Report starred, December 20013 aBooks for the Teen Age (NYPL), May 20043 aBooklist, March 20013 aHorn Book, May 20013 aVoice of Youth Advocates (V.O.Y.A.), October 20013 aKirkus Review, April 2001  aA collection of poems and brief essays by girls aged fourteen to nineteen on such themes as strength, beauty, love, sex, drugs, social justice, and maturity.2 aYoung AdultbFollett Library Resources 0aSecretsvLiterary collectionsvJuvenile literature. 0aYouths’ writingsvJuvenile literature. 1aSecretsvLiterary collections. 1aYouths’ writings.1 aFranco, Betsy.1 aNickles, Nina,eill.1 h810.8iTpT001009p12.76usd  bYoung Adultd02/24/09sWilson’s Senior High School, November 2002sWilson’s Junior High School, November 2005sNotable/Best Books (A.L.A.), January 2002vFLR

I used MarcEdit to break it up into a more sensible-looking format:

=LDR  01863pam  2200445 a 4500

=001  fol05635023\

=003  ICrlF

=005  20051201135310.7

=008  990825s2001\\maua\\j\\\000\0\eng\

=010  \$a   99046884 

=020  \$a0763610356

=035  \$a(ICrlF)01821R

=040  \$aDLC$cDLC$dKyLxBWI$dICrlF

=042  \$alcac

=050  00$aPZ5$b.S5145 2001

=082  00$a810.8/092837$222

=245  00$aThings I have to tell you :$bpoems and writing by teenage girls /$cedited by Betsy Franco ; photographs by Nina Nickles.

=250  \$a1st ed.

=260  \$aCambridge, Mass. :$bCandlewick,$c2001.

=300  \$axii, 63 p. :$bill. ;$c20 x 24 cm.

=510  3$aWilson’s Senior High School, November 2002

=510  3$aWilson’s Junior High School, November 2005

=510  3$aNotable/Best Books (A.L.A.), January 2002

=510  3$aSchool Library Journal, May 2001

=510  3$aBook Report starred, December 2001

=510  3$aBooks for the Teen Age (NYPL), May 2004

=510  3$aBooklist, March 2001

=510  3$aHorn Book, May 2001

=510  3$aVoice of Youth Advocates (V.O.Y.A.), October 2001

=510  3$aKirkus Review, April 2001

=520  \$aA collection of poems and brief essays by girls aged fourteen to nineteen on such themes as strength, beauty, love, sex, drugs, social justice, and maturity.

=521  2$aYoung Adult$bFollett Library Resources

=650  \0$aSecrets$vLiterary collections$vJuvenile literature.

=650  \0$aYouths’ writings$vJuvenile literature.

=650  \1$aSecrets$vLiterary collections.

=650  \1$aYouths’ writings.

=700  1$aFranco, Betsy.

=700  1$aNickles, Nina,$eill.

=852  1$h810.8$iT$pT00100$9p12.76usd

=940  \$bYoung Adult$d02/24/09$sWilson’s Senior High School, November 2002$sWilson’s Junior High School, November 2005$sNotable/Best Books (A.L.A.), January 2002$vFLR

Does this look like anything any of the filters should be able to handle? 

Most of the connection files for library catalogues are configured to import MARC records. Of course, there are different versions of MARC.

When importing the file, at the “Import Option” where you choose the filter, click on “Use Connection File”.

This will open the Connections Manager. Try an obvious library catalogue like Library of Congress.

EndNote will try to filter the records using the filter templates in the connection file that you have chosen.

Yeah, I tried the Library of Congress connection file. Did nothing, regardless of whether I tried importing the broken MARC record or the original one. It just didn’t find any records in the files…

I would open the Library of Congress connection file for editing, and look at the settings in the “MARC records” section and the “Record layout” section.

Do these match your file of records? Could you edit the connection file to match your records?

From which country do your MARC records originate?

I know pretty much nothing at all about the way MARC records work, so I’m just going with what makes sense. Unfortunately, I know enough about MARC records to know that the way they work doesn’t make sense.

I’ve tried editing various things in the “MARC Records” and “Records Layout” section in the connection file editor. I’ve changed the subfield delimiter to a colon, because that is what I see in the MARC record designating the subtitle. I’ve tried a couple different values for “Data starts in column” because I’m not exact sure what in that nonsense that starts off the record qualifies as a column (any help here?). I’ve activated the radio button for “First character is field designator”, as that looks more like the records I have than the other option.

I’ve also tried a few different values to designate the first tag, and have left it at 222 because that is the earliest tag I can clearly discern, though I’ve also tried 245 because that is what should be the title field.

None of this has done any good. When I try to import the records it doesn’t acknowledge that the file has anything that’s supposed to be a record. I’m just looking at an empty library.

To answer your question, the record originates from Follett, which is an American bookseller specializing in library orders.

It looks very much the same as the Springer ebooks Marc.

I tried to import that, - edited with MarcEdit , try to import with Library of Congress connection file, but no result,

If you have already found a soultion I will be happy to hear it.