Getting "Times cited" for references exported from EndNote X5


I would need the WoS “times cited” information for the references in my EndNote bibliography. These references were imported in EndNote via PubMed. Now I have exported these to EndNote Online, but the “times cited” information does not appear. Is there a way of syncing it with WoS to get this information for all my references?

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I may be mistaken but it appears to me that your Endnote Online references (originally retrieved from PubMed) cannot be integrated with WOS such that the references can be updated to include the Times Cited information. So you would either need to: 1) Lookup the Times Cited in information for each reference in WOS and manually update your Endnote Online records by inserting the data into an unused/custom field; or 2) Redo the export/sync process by searching and retrieving the references from WOS instead of PubMed.

The 1st option might be the best way to go. The reason is WOS  stores the Times Cited information along with other information in the same field (“Notes”). So to include the Times Cited in your bibliography (and exclude all the other information appearing in the Notes field), you’ll need to extract the information by copying and pasting it into another Endnote field. This enable modifying the Endnote bibliography template to include the Times Cited info.

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I was hoping it would be possible to do some sort of sync between my references in Endnote Online and the WoS database so every reference would be updated automatically with the Times Cited info. But if that’s not the case, so be it. I’m talking about >1000 references here so adding them manually is not really an option. However, I have found a work-around solution. Since my references are mostly about the same topic, I have searched for this topic on WoS, got a Citation Report for all found references and exported them all to Excel. I used this as a look-up table to search the Times Cited for each of my Endnote references. The Times Cited data is not directly included in my bibliography now, but at least I have it stored somewhere.