Groups shared by others problems

Hi All, I’m having problems with groups shared by others.

The display correctly in my online account, but in my desktop verion they have folder title begin with the email address of the owner and when you click them they open in the online version.

Sync-ing is not displaying errors, but I am unable to access the folders on my desktop (image of desktop folders attached).

If anyone knows how to fix this, I’d appreciate the help.

Hello Tim,

In the EndNote desktop version it will let you know that your online account has groups shared to you but in order to access and edit those references you have to be in the web interface.

The other members of the shared group would only see your edits or deletions in the web interface as well.

You can from the web version copy those references to a group you create but once again any changes and edits would not be shared back to the members.

If you need more information about this feature then please contact Technical Support directly
1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1

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I’ve encountered a related problem on EndNote X9.

Recently, a colleague of mine shared his group of the library via EndNote Web. After that, he stopped the sharing.

I also shared a group and stopped.

Now, a group of my lib does not appear in his EndNote Desktop version. It’s fine.

However, his group still appears in my EndNote Desktop version. It’s not good.

If I clicked the group as displayed “name@example, <group name>”, I found “The group, <group name>, is no longer shared.”

I do want to remove the “Group Shared by Others”, how can I do that?

Best regards,