How to add new pdf file from same Folder

Dear Endnote Users,

I would like to ask, how can I import new pdfs from Folder?

At first, I have created a new group in Endnote by importation of Folder “BSP” in Endnote.

now  I have added 3 new pdfs in Folder “BSP”, and How can I update these 3 new pdfs in Endnote. I donot like to delete this group and important alle file from Folder “BSP”.

Many thanks for your support!

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If you are asking if there is a way to attach new PDFs automatically to pre-existing records in a group in your library,  no – not to my knowledge.  You might be able to  import them and then combine them as duplicates, but I am not sure how to ensure the duplicate in the group is the one you keep.  


Thanks for your reply.

I may give more infos. about this issue.

I have added 300 pdfs in a special folder last week in Endnote, today I have attachted 3 new pdfs in this folder.

How can I only add this three new pdfs into Endnote in a great easy way, Every day I may read some new articles which are related to a special topics.

Of course, I can delete this folder in Endnote, and import alle files in this folder again . but I find this is really not efficient.

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When endnote imports PDFs from a folder (a setting in preferences) then it moves those to an new folder (imported).  Then if you add new PDFs to the folder, it will import those the next time, and move them.  This avoids your needing to do anything.  So I suggest you drag the new PDFs to a folder and automate the process.  I then routinely delete the imported papers or if you prefer, keep them as well somewhere else in topic locations.  Endnote has no way to only import new PDFs if mixed in with PDFs already imported.