How to export all "Full Texts" at once

Hello everyone,

in my library there are about 700 papers that found roughly 600 full-text matches. Usually, files are accessible via *right click* > “File Attachments” > “Save As”. That works for each file.

However, as I have to store and analyze all of the 600 full-text files, the *right click* option seems little impractical. Is there any better solution to this (i.e. exporting all attachments in a library)? Selecting all does not work, then it only exports the last paper in the list.



Are these full-text files in PDF form? If you’re using Windows/PC you can:

  1. use Windows Explorer (see image #1) to locate…

  2. the PDF folder of your EndNote library’s .DATA folder (see image #2) then click to select the “Adobe Acrobat Document” option which …

  3. displays all of the PDF files;  so select all of the PDF files then copy them to a designated folder (see image #3).