how to sort bibliography so that it is not in alphabetical order?

I am trying to format my article in order to submit it to a journal with a specific output style. I saved the journal’s style  in EndNote X8. The problem that I have now is that when I apply it, the bibliography appears in  in alphabetical (when in fact it should not). How do I change that?

You can edit the output style so that the bibliography sort order is in order of appearance, if that is what is needed.  What is the output style you are using?  Are you sure you have selected the output style in the word program and not in Endnote itself?  

It is SpringerHumanitiesNumberAlpha. I downloaded it from their website… 

Yes, it says “Alpha”  so that is why it is alpha order.  From Springer’s website?  then you should ask them why the want it in appearance and not alpha order? 

If you attach the output style, I can easily edit it for you, if you don’t want to do so yourself.  Instructions on how to edit output styles are also available: 


Thank you so much, Leanne! This is super helpful!!!