I’m done. You’ve lost a long-standing and loyal user forever.

I’m done. I have better things to do than try to deal with many painful longstanding bugs in overpriced and undersupported software. Been an EndNote user and former beta tester for years but it’s changed hands many times and now is in the hands of folks who just don’t seem to care or know how to code. X9 has the same bugs (slowdowns, poor scrolling, PDF issues galore) that x8 has. And x9 remains a 32-bit app. Updates are infrequent and generally late with regard to Word and OS updates that render EN unusable. I tried Bookends from Sonnysoftware.com and it seems amazing. None of the PDF issues, a very responsive developer and it seems to be able to do even more than EN. So buh-bye. EndNote has lost me as a loyal customer and I’m just sorry I didn’t learn about Bookends 2-3 years ago. I even sent a letter to management listing the various issues with EN and never heard. That says it all.

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