I need the citation to be inserted in the footnote only... NOT under the text as well


Please see the attachment.

Upon inserting a reference into a footnote in word (2013) using endnote (x8), I am getting more reference than I would like -  as I get the reference under the text  and also in the footnote. I require what is in the footnote only. I do not require the citation under the text.

I cant seem to work out how to change things so I get the citation inserted into the footnote only

Thank you in advance for any help

citation problem- need footnote citation only.jpg

This setting is in your output style, which you didn’t identify.  for example, the Chicago 16th footnote (and bibliography) style settings in footnote are illustrated in the attached image.  You would untick the highlighted setting to NOT include footnote citations in a bibliography after the text.  edited to add image 

Sorry forgot to attach the image:  

Brilliant, Thank you!

I keep on seeing spaces and punctuation errors in my EndNote reference output. I have reformatted the bibliography template and manually edited the references in EndNote several times but I still see the spaces and punctuation errors in the reference list. Please, do you have any idea on fixing this?

Please don’t double post questions.  https://community.endnote.com/t5/EndNote-Styles-Filters-and/Question-about-EndNote-reference-output/m-p/155099