Importing PDF Folders--low success rate

I upgrade to X4 (Mac) because I wanted to easily import the 500+ articles I have in PDF format. I found only about a 30% success rate in Endnote importing reference data. Most of my articles are in psychology or the social sciences. 

Have others had better luck? 



Hi John,

Data retrieval relies on the publishers having embedded DOI data within the PDFs. I advise our researchers to treat all “Find full text” and PDF importing successes as a time-saving bonus rather than an expectation.

Melinda Goodin

Swinburne University of Technology

I also used X4 to import references from a folder containing about 1000 files in PDF format. I found an even lower success rate (15% or so). I am now thinking about a strategy to finish the work manually. I was wondering whether - for the articles containing a DOI which was not recognized by X4 - it may be possible to only fill in the DOI (i.e. Manually) and let X4 “update” the rest of the information (titles, authors & co). Did not find any way to do though - do someone know if it is possible ? (i.e. from a blank reference, add the DOI and X4 would automatically download the information). 



I was working with a student who had quite poor success when she attempted to import large folders of PDFs.  When she worked with much smaller folders or PDF one at a time, she had quite good success.  It takes a little longer but for her it was well worth the time.