Importing WHO documents into EndNote


Please anybody out there that can help with how to import WHO references into EndNote X7?

Thank you.



Hello Tunde,

Are you attempting to import references from the World Health Organization website? If so, can you provide a URL for the item you are attempting to import into EndNote? If not, please let us know the source of the information you are attempting to add to EndNote.

Hi Jason,

I already have the pdf from the WHO website. I also have the URL. I was wondering if there is a way I can search for the document from my EndNote library and import same directly into my library with the pdf. Not having to add it manually.

Thank you.

Hello Tunde,

You can try importing the PDF file. To do that, open the library in EndNote X7. Click on the File menu and select Import or Import > File. Set the Import Option to PDF. Browse to your PDF file and import it.


I have the same question.

I have to cite a WHO Dimentia factsheet

but I don’t know if  I should print the wbepage as a pdf and import it into EndNote, or what steps I have to follow exactly.

I would be extremely grateful if somebody could walk me through the process of what I should exactly do.

Thank you very much in advance,