In text citation including author first time

My in text citations sometimes show author first name and other times do not. How do I resolve this? I do NOT want author first names to show. I am using the APA output style and nothing appears to be different between the references that show first name and those that do not. Help?

Please try the steps in the following KB article.

You can also contact Technical Support directly:

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


I am sorry but I guess I did not communicate clearly.

Some of my intext citations show (LastName1, LastName2 and LastName3, 2007). Others show (FirstName1 Lastname1, LastName2 and Lastname3 2010). 

I want them all to be LastName1, LastName 2 etc


This is usually because the author whose first name is being included has more than one publication being cited.  If the two records do not contain the identical name, Endnote assumes they are two different authors with the same surname and disambiguates them by including the initials or full first name.  The easiest way to avoid this (as most publications would want John Smith and Mary Smith distinguished in this way) is to copy the name from one record to the other, so they are exactly the same (if they are the same author, obviously).  This is explained more fully in the second part of the knowledge base article quoted by TMartin – after the “Note” section.