iPad: text search in PDFs

This app is very useful. If you added the capability to search for text in PDF attachments it’d be even better.

The ability of searching the text in PDFs attached to EndNote records in the iPad app is already implemented. You just need to be sure you are searching “Everything.” Tap in the search box and a row of buttons will display below the search field - Title, Author, Publication, and Everything are your chocies - select “Everything” to be sure that searches apply to attached PDFs.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Sorry I wasn’t specific.  I had noticed it was possible to search for text in all pdfs at once, however I’d like to be able to search within a single pdf at a time.


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Agreed. In the PC version while in a single PDF I can do a text search. The iPad app needs this desperately.

<p>I totally agree, just wanted to post the same comment. Mendeley has a basic search functionality, but it’s only possible to search weithin one PDF attachment at a time. From a superior software company, I would expect a search functionality across multiple references and attachments as well as a search functionality within one attachment. Specifically there should be an option to search for phrases or keywords I highlighted myself since they are most likely the ones I am interested in…</p>

I totally agree, just wanted to post the same issue. Mendeley has a simple search functionality already. but to be honest from a superior software I would actually expect an advanced search functionality searching across multiple references and attachments. more specifically, searching for keywords or phrases I highlighted before sounds most useful since these were the parts I was interested in most previously. I mean, you have all the data about our references online anyway, so why not analyzing it? Anyway, a basic search functionality to search within the PDF manually would be a start…

Agree. Highly needed for ipad App

i know, i hope it too.