Knowledge organization in Endnote like Citavi?!


I am a Endnote user, but a friend of mine is using Citavi and there is a very very nice function in it.

In Citavi it is possible to open up PDF Files and cite parts in these files and add them to a category or a key word. When I have done this many times I can print out a list of all citations and the category, that is very nice, because then I see all important facts I sorted to one topic.

I have often that the problem, that I read one paper and there are many different informations to different topics. Some of them i should use in my introduction, some in the discussion. In Endnote it is not possible to mark these phrases to a key word, it is only possible to add key words to the complete article… but there are often different informations i could use in different parts of my work.

Or is there this function? I didn’t found, but it would be great to have it, because it is like a big mind map :wink:

Hello?! No answer from Thomson Reuters?