Labelling references as "new"


I am trying to merge different libraries all with a different amount of references. Is there a way of identifying references as “newly added” to the library in order for me to check them?

Is the “import function” of libraries to best way to merge them?

Thanks in advance for your help!

At least two options. 

One: (which I use) is to edit your preferences to display the Record number in the library display.  You can then quickly sort the library by record number (click the heading once 1 to end, and click again end to 1).  You can see your newest additions.  I use this when I take a library with me and want to quickly add the new references to my library back at work.  – as I don’t really care abour record number retention. 

Two: If you have two libraries that are very different, it is best to import one into the other, discarding duplicates.  If one library has more informaiton in possible duplicates than the other (say PDFs or notes), import INTO that one, so the discarded records are those that are less informative.  If you aren’t sure you can also have the duplicates imported into a different library, and check them before trashing.

[added in edit]  X2 at least also has a “last updated” field you can search on.]

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This worked very well! Thanks a lot!!