Library Compatibility between Endnote versions X1, X2, X3


we use Endnote on several workstations and think of upgrading at least some of them (in order to get rid of some problems we can’t get fixed on that workstations). No we wonder whether it will be possible to use our libraries on different PCs after that, i.e. is the library format in X1 and X3 identical?

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Yes, they are compatible. 

What about compatibility between Endnote versions X5 and X7? Some of our team have X5 and some are upgrading to X7.  What problems can occur in sharing libraries between the two versions?

The main compatability problems our users experience is long delays when you open the library in the other version, the next time.  This is because the versions index the pdfs in a differently way.  The delay can be extensive on a large library with many PDFs.  And it will happen each time there is a “switch”.  So if you open it in X5, then X7 -it gets reindexed – then you you open it again in X7, it won’t re-index, but the next time someone opens it in X5 - it gets reindexed, and then if X7 again… you get the picture.