Library reference columns not adjustable when at max (EN 20.1.1 MacOS)

I cannot adjust the maximum number of selected reference columns within the main library view:

Any one else experiencing this issue? I’ve just updated to EN 21.1.1 (Bld 19508) today, October 16, 2023. This issue has been occurring since the initial EN 21.0.1 version.

Hi Cybrarian (cool name btw),

It is weird that EndNote 21 is not allowing you to display more than 5 fields. Though the maximum number of fields that EndNote 21 can display should be 10 fields.

You can check the EndNote 21 settings to see if there are already 10 fields that have been displayed.

To check and enable/disable fields for display, open your EndNote 21 application, and click on the “EndNote 21” menu > “Preferences” or “Settings” > “Display Fields”.

I hope this helps!

Hi faaiz –

Thanks for the follow-up and shout-out on my username! This is all helpful information to remember so thank you for sharing. However, I’m actually referring to the fact that when I have selected 10 columns to display in EN 21.1.1, the maximum 10 selected cannot be modified from the right click option that shows the 10 max columns chosen.

In order to de-select one of the 10 chosen in EN 21.1.1, I must return to EN 20.6 and deselect any of the 10 chosen columns in order to be able to re-select preferred columns in EN 21.1.1.

In EN 20.6, I have the ability to change the columns displayed but in EN 20.1.1 the options are greyed out and cannot be changed once it hits 10 columns.

EN 20.6 screengrab:

For comparison, here’s the EN 21 screengrab to indicate the fields are not able to be changed when at the max number of 10 selected:

This is still an error occurring in EN21.2, but @faaiz actually shared the workaround last month and I missed it until now!

While the display columns are not adjustable from the library view, the instructions to find
EndNote 21 Menu > Preferences > Display Fields - where this menu will allow the user to choose [Do not display] as a column to have that 10th option available once again in the full view of the library and its references.

So this is the workaround we will use for now, until Clarivate updates EN21 to resolve this bug.

Thanks again faaiz!