License number disappears

I have Ref Manager 12.  Installed it under Administrator rights (Win XP).  I entered my license number.  Now, after 20 uses, it won’t let me use the program unless I buy it!  Pulling down the Help-About shows my name but no license number! 

How do I re-enter my license number without uninstalling and reinstalling - unless I can be guaranteed that this won’t happen again.



Greetings Carol,

This particular problem is covered within an FAQ on our website here- When installing the full version of Reference Manager, entries are made within the Windows Registry to tell the program to function as a full version, instead of a demo installation. If your Reference Manager installation reverts to an expired demo installation, this behavior would indicate something is blocking Reference Manager’s attempts to write to your Windows Registry. Alternatively, it may mean a process is running after the program is installed that’s removing the associated registry keys. When installing Reference Manager, be sure to close alll other programs that may be running in the background at that time. Additionally, be sure to temporarily disable antvirus, and spyware blocking software, as these types of programs may block access to the Windows Registry. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, check to see if you have any software that performs wipes of the Windows Registry. There is software that will attempt to remove unused entries within the Registry, but can sometimes remove keys that are associated to currently installed programs. Please let me know if this helps.

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