Line break when links of web references are too long?

Hi there!

I am using couple of web references in my work. My problem is now that the links are pretty long, and so the output in the reference list is pretty ugly :slight_smile:

Is there any way to set an automatic line break for links?

Or is there a way to indicate possible line breaks for the individual links?

Thank you!


Depending on the style you’re using, you could check the corresponding manual to see if there might be an option for listing the website’s “home” URL as opposed to listing the URL link leading directly to the web reference. 

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be an automatic “line break” feature but you could manually “break” the line by placing your cursor within the URL address (at the location you want to insert a line break) then press the SHIFT and RETURN keys simultaneously. (You can check to see if the link still works by pressing the CONTROL and “click” key (mouse/track pad button).