Linking bibliography back to citation in MS Word

I noticed a feature that lets me link my citations to the corresponding bibliography items. Clicking the citation takes me to the right place but clicking the bibliography item doesn’t take me back to where I came from! Is there a way to enable this?

I’m hoping there’s a citation style that turns each bibliography item into a hyperlink of the (first?) corresponding citation?

Endnote create links from citations to the bibliography. At present there is no feature to permit simultaneous two-way hyperlinking: 1) citations to bibliography, and 2) bibliography to citations. You might be able to create the second hyperlinking (bibliography to citations) by using MS Word to create internal links. But since this would be independent of Endnote, the second set of hyperlinks will not be dynamic (update automatically when changes are made to in-text citations.)

You need to use word tools to jump back (although word doesn’t document the jump back commands):

Here is one description of how to do that.