Making ens file


I’ve created new style with new name to be used in my referencing. I want to save it as an “ens” file, so that I can move it into another computer with which I work in university and add it to styles folder there. I thought that after creating new style it would automatically be made as ens file in my styles folder, but it wasn’t.

I am using X3 version. Please help me.

Thanks in advance

When you create a new Style or a copy of an existing Style with EndNote X3, it should save to your User Account folder on the machine. Depending on your operating system, the style should be saved to the following location on your computer:

Windows : C:\Users[User Name]\Documents\EndNote\Styles

Mac : Documents\EndNote\Styles

After you copy the Style to another computer, the easiest way to save it to the correct location is to double-click on the file and then use the Save As option from the File menu.

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Thanks for your reply Jason, but my question might be misleading. In fact I have newly created a style via " edit> output styles> new style" and saved via “Save as” (there is no destination option so that it might be saved in Styles folder).

But I can’t find the style in my “Styles” folder of installed program (C:\Program Files\EndNote X3\Styles). It is strange that I have that style with the new name in my styles list in the program drop down menu but there is no file with such name in my styles folder.

I mean is it possible that when you save your newly made style, that will be generated and appear automatically in the Styles folder as a separate ens file, or I should do something else?

Please help me make or find this style as a separate ens file.

Jason’s reply is still  the answer.  In X3, it doesn’t “save as” to the program folder styles location (as it is write protected in Vista and in Win7).  It creates the user folder version in My Documents/Endnote/styles or the Documents equivalent in Win7 as he described.  But the files in both Styles location appear when you manage styles or show all styles.