multiple bibliographies created in one document

I couldn’t find this issue within the FAQ or the forums, so here goes.

Every time I change a citation, the instant formatting creates ANOTHER bibliography without deleting the existing one. Suddenly I have an extra 100+ pages of bibliography!  Simple erasing doesn’t work; unformatting, erasing, and formatting again is pretty time-consuming.

I am working in outline view in Word 2003 with EndNote 9, APA 5th, UK English; until this, it’s been great.  I assume I accidently changed some setting, but what is it?

Thanks very much.

Forgot to mention that I’m on Vista.  I guess that’s part of the issue?

I don’t know what has caused it, but this is what I would do.  First make a copy of the document.  Then unformat all the endnote references (select all, and unformat bibliography from the word, endnote toolbar); delete all the bibliographies. Save the document.  If you have other automated tables (table of contents or table of figures, etc) I would also remove those.  It is important to make sure that the bibliography isn’t_  in _ another field. At this point, you could also “unlink fields” (there is a special endnote toolbar to do this, but you can also use the Word, unlink fields shortcut (ctrl+shift+F9)).  Save the document.  Now try to format the bibliography (and turn back on CWYW from the tab in the format bibliography menu).  I really don’t see what Vista would have to do with it…

Thanks very much. I solved it by NOT using both laptop and desktop. Not much of a permanent solution, but it worked.