New electronic referencing just too complicated for EN to handle


I’m trying to cite podcasts and electronic media and I have to say that it’s so complicated to try to set up a style and document types to handle these sorts of entries. Perhaps EN should come up with a way to just preformat some entries in a number of styles instead of trying to get it all to work out. I know that I can’t spend all of the time needed to set up a proper entry for Wikipedia, podcasting, blogs, etc. It’s simply easier to just pick a style and write these entries out long hand. I’m not sure how EN could handle these sorts of cases. I find myself moving increasingly to the idea of EN just generating a stand alone bibliography that I can easily add to with my hand formatted entries for anamolous cases. Citing electronic media is too messy to make anything else work for me, unless I want to spend my life setting up EN. I’m not sure whether EN could adopt this observation as a feature suggestion. Perhaps if it was easier to set up styles this wouldn’t be an issue. I find myself getting a headache trying to get it all to work out.