New fonts for on-screen reading

I use Endnote when reading through search hits from online databases and have made an output style that lists:



Journal - No - Issue - Pages


However, the fonts available for displaying these fields are limited to 5 choices. None of these are ideal for on screen reading and recently new fonts optimised for on screen reading have been made available. So, I wonder if there is any way of using other fonts than these 5. For instance by entering codes in the style editor?

Thanks, Tage

For reading search hits.ens (16 KB)

The “Display Fonts” options in EndNote Preferences should allow you to choose any/all fonts installed on your Windows or Macintosh system for viewing within EndNote. Is this not what you are experiencing? If you just installed a new font, you may need to re-start your computer to allow EndNote to see these.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I think Tagedalsgaard is confusing the choices you can select from when you select/highlight text in a output style template, and the way endnote program chooses to display the library and dialogs within the program, which is what Jason has provide the info from preferences.  - however, it doesn’t seem to work exactly as advertised.  (I chose an extreme example, and the style Tagedalsgaard had attached).  The font preferences in the preview seem to show the title as the font preference for plain text as Gothic, but not the rest of the record fields (see settings-results gif)? 

Anyway,  It is not a really good idea to specify a “font” in the output style, but best to retaining it there as Plain, so it will pick up the document specific settings. 

Thanks JasonR and Leanne. 

I may not have been precise enough when specifying my problem. I use the preview of the output in the “Tab Pane” (see attached jpg) for on screen reading of title, abstract etc. but I only have 5 fonts to choose from when defining the output style. If I could choose from all fonts here, I could find a better one for reading on screen.

Thanks, Tage

The display fonts for the EndNote “Preview” tab are controlled by the “General” font setting in EndNote Preferences. The options here should allow you to choose from all of the fonts installed on your system.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks JasonR,

Now it works! The trick was that I had selected a font and a font size in the style editor and some of the text was formatted (bold, underline). Once i changed it all to plain font, plain size and removed the formatting it worked. 

All the best, Tage