No RM 12 CWYW Extension besides EN X4 with LibreOffice 3.3

You have installed Word 2007 Pro Plus and LibreOffice 3.3 according previous messages. EN X4 has been installed.

You see the EN X4 extension in Word 2007 and LibreOffice 3.3.

After the RM 12 installation and RM12 patch installation, the EN X4 extension  disappears and you see the RM12 extension in Word 2007. L.O. 3.3 retains the EN 14 extension.

Using the repair function (Start a.s.o…) you can see the 2 extensions (EN X4 and RM12) in Word 2007 after restart of Word 2007.

However, the RM 12 extension doesn´t appear in L.O 3.3 . You see only the EN X4 extension.

RM has only dot  and dll. files in the Common Files/ ResearchSoft  instead oxt. file like in EN X4.

Can Thomson Reuters Team help the future LibreOffice users. Thank you in advance.