Open/Import a PDF or excel in EndNote

Hello , My name is Harendra Chauhan and I am currently working on a project where I generate an excel or PDF usign my c# code which i can save it on a folder so I have a file name and path with me. I want to provide the link on web page to open my saved PDF /excel in Endnote. 

Do we have any specific format need ?

Do we have any API or someway which i can consume in c# code to export or open my file in Endnote?

Please reply me as soon as possible , I would help me to decide whether we should use Endnote or note.


Harendra Chauhan

the API needs to be generated, but its need a certain copy of software powerfull enough

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In today’s date, most of the people interested to know about it for them my suggestion is that you just reset and use adobe reader by which you will be very helpful. But if you interested in printing then you need a printer for know about it I have more information about it.

That’s useful