Please add Endnoteweb chrome plugin

Endnoteweb has plugin for IE and firefox. Please add plugin for chrome. A lot of people is using chrome.

Thanks for this feedback. We’ll look into it.

In the interim, you might want to try the Bookmarklet for Chrome which is on the same Download Installers page.

 - Tilla, the EndNote team

It does not seem like there has been looked into?

Endnote should really get up to date with extentions for Chrome, working extentions for Windows 7/8 64bits, Android & Windows Phone apps, support for not only Dropbox but also other cloud space and the like.

We do really need a plugin for chrome. Seriously.

To capture web references Chrome users can use the bookmarklet available via the Download Installers page.

Curtis, The EndNote Team.

This is a bit of a joke not having a plug-in for Chrome.  I tried to download the extension you mention but there are bugs in this.  I think its high time to consider developing a plug in for Chrome.


could you please give more basic instructions for installing the chrome extension you are referring to when you mention the “download installers”?

Colleagues using Zotero have such an easier time capturing references from any web page, Endnote should include this as a basic feature as Zotero is free.


Absolutely agree - what a shame that virtually every modern Reference manager has an Chrome Plugin, and EndNote STILL does not! Is it really so difficult to provide such a basic function in one of the top RMs? I would never use it if my PI would not force me to… Every import of a reference is a nightmare here - and in other RMs like Citavi is just one click. Burn in hell, EndNote! You are the most behind-the-time Reference Manager on the market.