Preview doesn't show what I would like it to show

Anybody still knows how to use Endnote 9 ?

I have a database which I use for notes.

I have created a reference type called ChemNote which I created in Modify Reference Types from unused1

I changed Author into Researcher, Custom 1 into Reference, Custom 2 into Applications, Custom 3 into Follow-up, Keywords into Keywords, Abstract into Abstract, Author Address into Affiliation, URL into URL and PDF into PDF

saved with OK

changed the default reference type into ChemNote

Then I changed in Display Fields

Column 1: Custom2 Applications

Column 2: Keywords Keywords

Column 3: Custom 1 Reference

Column 4: Custom 3 Follow-up

Column 5: URL URL

Saved with OK

I use “ShowAll” on the main page. And here the problem starts

Instead of “Researcher” it still shows “author”  in the preview and the different “custom1,2,3” instead of “reference, applications and follow-up”, dto for" author address" instead of the chosen “affiliation”

Where can I change this?


You also need to edit the output style “show all” to show the required fields for the template for the ChemNote reference type.  Right now it is using the “generic” template which doesn’t reflect your custom fields. 

Edit>edit output styles “show all”, go to the bibliography templates, add the ChemNote reference type (“Reference Types” button, it should be there, and you want to add the “tick” in front of it).  I then usually copy and paste Generic to the new empty Reference type template. Then delete those you don’t need and add those custom fields you added to that reference type.  Since that output style “defines” each field name in addition to the fieldname itself, you also need to edit them to reflect their contents.  Don’t lose that backwards apostrophe in the front of the text that reflects the bolded  name of the field, or you will just get the field contents twice! 

Thank you very much - that did it. :smiley:

Another problem - connected with it.

I also do not find the location where I can reorder the fields of my reference type “ChemNote”.

Or do I just need to rename existing fields in the order I like?

Thank you

You can reorder the items in the preview window at the bottom but not in the record entry window itself. 

To change them in the preview, just edit that template in the show all output style, to your heart’s content.  According to the developers,  Tte database structure does not allow changing the order in the edit/entry window. 

(added in edit - while you can edit the Reference type headings substantially, no one else will know what those fields contain, if it is opened in another person’s endnote.  Also never move a field that contains liked/speciallized handling like Author names, Editor names, journal name, pages, as there are special ways then are dealt with in outputing the styles, which just won’t work if you scramble them with another field.)