Product enhancement requests / suggestions regarding "Output Formatting"

Direct import of records from PubMed is a good enhancement new to EndNote v.6, but a couple of the built-in link-related facilities resident in PubMed appear to be lost upon import. Links to full-text articles could furthermore be tweaked to appear conditionally to reflect the local availability of articles.

Generally, we have managed to get the output formatting features within EndNote for references derived from PubMed to do what we want; EXCEPT for two seemingly minor shortcomings (unless there is a simple answer, glaring us in the face, and we have not spotted it).

The features we have been searching for in the EndNote documentation - but not found - concerning output formatting, are the ability to generate clickable references automatically. These should ideally cater for two types of links (the first - abstract links - universally, the second - full-text links - conditionally).

These two categories of links are:

  1. A clickable link - preferably from the title field - to either the PubMed abstract or the journal publisher’s abstract (it does not really matter which, as they are normally identical in content).

  2. In those cases where the .pdf is available - whether freely (i.e. open access) or via our institutional Athens account authentication - it is desirable to generate a clickable link to the .pdf file in a user-friendly format [instead of a full “in your face” URL] based on a simple phrase such as “Full Text Link” or a small inline image of the familiar Adobe Acrobat .pdf logo (or some user-defined combination of both).

Thank you for permitting us to make these suggestions.

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