Product purchase after 30 day trial lost serial number Ennote 7.5


I am unable to sucessfully download my new Endnote 8 product as I have no serial number from my previous 30 day free trial. I had saved all my references and work to the free trial, hence the reason I have decided to purchase the dull product now.

It is a very time sensative matter as I am currently writing up a systematic review ready for publishing.

I work as a chemotherapy nurse during opening times of the customer service lines so unable to call during these times for support. 

Can somebody please help me track down my previous registration serial number? 

Many thanks

June Holmes

I don’t believe there is a serial number for a 30 day trial.  You would put in your newly purchased information and the library will be restored.  You can make a copy of the whole folder if you are concerned - but it shouldn’t delete the library.  you can reach out to Tech support  using the web option if you can’t phone and  have any doubts!