product suggestion: let Online Search Mode work with direct export

I’m reading the pdf version of the EndNote X6 help and was reading about the Online Search Mode where references go into a temporary library and only into one’s library if selected from the temporary library. I was aware of this feature for searching databases from within EndNote. However, reading this in the help file brought to mind the idea of using Online Search Mode with references received through direct export. I tried it and found that the references were going into my library and not into the displayed temporary library. There might be a benefit of allowing direct export into the temporary library. One use of this is when a researcher is scouting for references maybe using more than one database and more than one search and has maybe exported several in a search session. This would let the researcher check the references again before moving them into their EndNote library. It would also be a consistent use of the Online Search Mode (especially since it can be selected when transferring references from a database through direct export).

Have a nice day

John Paul Fullerton