PubMed Search with RM 12 and EN X4. What A Diffrence!!

You have installed EN X4 (with patch) and RM 12 (with patch) on a computer with Win 7 pro as O.S. You use Word 2007 and LibreOffice 3.3.

At first,  you search the publications of Weber S. with PubMed.

Search with EN X4: According to the syntax you enter :   Weber, S.   and you earn  1329  references in your library.

Search with RM 12 : if you enter the EN syntax, you earn only 1 reference. But if you enter   Weber S.   you earn 1900 references

Can Thomson Reuters Team explains this discrepanzy. Thank you in advance.

Trensofty uses the above softwares with product keys (No beta software) The same occurs with EN X3 instead EN X4

Thank you in advance for any help