Re: why the sync is always from web to desktop?

I agree.  I wish there were settings that would allow one to specifiy the sync direction, like I could do on my old Blackberry.  

That’s an interesting suggestion, Leanne…

EndNote Sync is designed to be bidirectional since we had heard from customers time and time again that what they really needed was the ability to make EndNote more portable. If they were away from their main workplace, they wanted a way to be able to work with the same reference information, and have it seamlessly update what they have on their primary computer as well. For this reason, EndNote Sync is a “true” sync – anything you do on one side will also happen in the other. This includes adding, editing and yes, even deleting references.

However, I do see that there could be value in making that a user-editable preference. For that reason, I’ll be happy to move this thread over to Suggestions for review by our product managers.