Reading Styles folder at start up makes EN X2 slow

One of the reason Endnote X2 loads so slowly is because it reads >3000 styles in the Styles folder in Program Files/Endnote X2 folder before it starts up. It used to be reading just the style folder designated by the preferences, but it now reads both the user-set style folder AND the Styles folder in the Program Files/Endnote X2 folder.

I think this modification in X2 is a bad idea becase nobody needs >3000 styles all the time. I actually make “Unused styles” folder in the Program Files/Endnote X2 folder, relocate all the >3000 styles to the Unused styles folder, and place some essential templates into the Styles folder. Then, X2 starts up like a snap. But, hey, when I update the program, >3000 styles are extracted from the archive and start up is slow again!

I think it is better to keep the Styles folder with minimum number of style templates, like “Numbered”, “Harvard” and “Show all fileds”, and store all these >3000 templates in the folder that EN does NOT read at start up.

Maybe it is only when the user wants to add a new style that a directory contaning the full list should be loaded; otherwise, only a directory contaning the files that are actually used should be taken into account. I suppose this should also apply to filters and connections files. It has happened to me a a few times that EndNote X2 choked when reading such a list.

Thanks a lot - finally someone can give me an answer, why Endnote became sooooo slow since X.2!!!