Ref ID number missing

There are reference sheets that have been created without I saved (?). This means that there are ref ID that exist in the database but which I cannot see in the reference list (359 references existing, highest ref ID 364). I cannot find them using “search reference”.

How can I find these references to overwrite them (I think I will loose the numbers if I delete)? I would like to avoid gaps in my database numbering.


The way to solve this is to do a systematic search to identify the Refman ID numbers that are not being used.  The way that I do this is to do a retrieval on RefID number, say 1-100.  That should give 100 references if there are no gaps.  There will be less if there are gaps.  If there are gaps, sub-divide the search (i.e., 1-50) into a managable set, then sort the retrieval by RefID, and then write down the missing RefIDs.  

Now when you want to add new refs, go to Tools, then Options, click on the tab for  Reference Edit and unclick the “assign refid number”.  Now you can manually put in the RefID number when entering a new reference, and you can then use the missing RefID numbers to give a gap-less database.  

I have done this several times, and now have a gap-less database of over 30000 entries.  RefMan doesn’t really care about the “empty” refID slots.  I just like having a gapless database.