Reference Manager AND EndNote together on WORD


I have co-workers with EndNote and others with Reference Manager.  Hence, I need both on WORD.

I have no problem with RefMan V 12.03 and EndNote 7.7.1 together on Word 2013 (I find them both in the Add-ins and the both work).

However, I have difficulties to install them both on Word 2010. 

If I install only EndNote (version 8) or only Refman (version 12.03), they work fine. 

But If Install them both, WORD2010 hangs and I only find only RefMan in the Add-ins.

Is there specific incompatibilities to have them both on WORD 2010 (and not with WORD 2013).  Or is this due to EndNote version 8 (and not with EndNote version 7.1.1.) ?


Hello Paul,

You can install EndNote X8 (as in 18) and Reference Manager 12.0.3 on a 32-bit version of Word 2010 simultaneously. Make sure you have Reference Manager updated and Word is the 32-bit version:

It is possible Word has disabled the EndNote tools. If so, you can try enabling them:

Otherwise, there may be a conflicting third party application loading as an add-in in Word 2010. Be sure Office/Word are updated to the latest version available.

I have had exactly the same problem. I have Reference manager most recent 12.0.3 installed and tried to install Endnote 8 with latest upgrade. Endnote never appeared in Word even trying to disable Reference manager by using Options, Add ins route didn’t help. Word just crashed (Word 2010 latest version 32 bit)

I wonder whether your suggestions worked for your first questioner? We (the IT guy and I) followed all the suggestions in the Knowledge Base. The only other addin in word is an Adobe acrobat one. Disabling that didn’t make any difference.

Ultimately I will convert all my Reference manager based documents and databases to Endnote, but I am currently in the middle of reconfiguring a paper for submission and this paper was prepared with Reference manager. I don’t want to lose my reference formatting and reformating options when I move to another journal.

Any other suggestions besides the ones above?