References grouped by Word file name

Some of my references are grouped under the name of the MS Word file in which they are cited. These are groups at the level of All References and Unfiled. But most references are not grouped like that; unless I specifically add them to groups they are only in All References.

Having them automatically grouped by word file would be very useful. Can I get all my references grouped that way? And how? Is there a reason why some appear and some don’t?

(This is Endnote 7.7 and Word 2007.)


Assuming this is in reference to the desktop library.

Only records you have moved to a “group” or match the search criteria of a smart group  will appear in one. You can do a search and move the results into a new group or add them to an existing group.  Also, you can create “smart groups” based on search parameters that will automatically move citations into those groups.  Finally, if you want those resulting smart groups to be synced, you need to manually create a matching group and move them into it, so it can be synced to the cloud and it can be synced to any linked desktop libraries on other desktop machines.  

Also the “cited in paper” group is temporary.  You can create a group and copy and move them to it, to make it more permanent, but again, you will need to manually copy them over as you continue to cite new records in the manuscript.  Comparing the numbers in each group is an easy way to monitor changes.  

Two Endnote training YouTube videos that might help: 

Endnote groups and smart groups:

More about Smart groups and combination groups:

Ah. It’s a temporary group. Pity. However, I can see that a source file group wouldn’t work straightforwardly with shared or cloud-based reference libraries.