referencing of Excel in Endnote

I have just had my dissertation proposal rejected because I did not reference the Excel software in Endnote correctly.  Is there a standard (hopefully downloadable!) version of a Microsoft Excel 2007 reference for Endnote available please?

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I’m not sure if I get your problem right. Is your dissertation related to computer science, and you want to cite Excel?

The correct way to reference a software depends on the citation guidelines your university/faculty/department would like you to use. However, my guess is that if there are specific guidelines, they don’t explicitly say how to reference a software. In my opinion, a citation with an author (“Microsoft” or “Microsoft Corporation” or something like that), a title (probably “Microsoft Excel 2007” ) and a publication year (2007, or check your release number year if necessary) and, if it’s important to your thesis, the version number (e.g. “Service Pack 2” )  would be suitable enough.

What did you use in your proposal? Why did they think the reference was not correct?

Martin de la Iglesia

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