Reinstate "List of Reference Types" in EndNote X5 pdf Manual

The EndNote pdf manuals provided a list of the reference types and fields for each reference type, however, this list has been omitted from the EndNote X5 pdf manual. The list is a very useful and handy resourrce, particularly when modifying reference types and corresponding output style templates, so it’s odd that the information has been discontinued in the latest version of EndNote.

Would appreciate maintaining the list in current and future iterations of EndNote. X5 users in the meantime can refer to the X4 pdf manual for the list of reference types and fields which does not contain the newest reference types for X5 addressing music and data (refer then to the actual reference type for that piece of information).

Hi CrazyGecko,

Do you have X5.0.1 installed? This list is definitely included in the PDF manual. If you are not seeing it, open the Bookmarks pane. There is a whole topic called Reference Types.

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Thanks for the quick response. The X5 pdf manual (ENX5_GettingStartedGuide_Win) which omits the reference list was downloaded from the Thomson Reuters support site:

If the list is available via the software itself and the website is updated that’s great news, thanks.

The Getting Started Guide is really meant to provide a basic overview of installing and using EndNote. For more detailed information the user is referred to the full PDF manual.

However, I will check with the support people to make sure the full updated PDF manual is posted. Thanks for the reminder!

The full manual is there too. I don’t think the ref type list has been in the getting started guide – at least not in the printed copy for X4 I have on my desk?  It is the third one down.  It does have the ref tables.  - The manual is called “help documentation” which might not lead one to believe it was the PDF manual of old.