Reload Endnote 7 on a new hard-drive


Due to a catestrophic failure of my old hard-drive I have had to fit a new one.  I have already bought and paid for Endnote 7 and have a ID number.  How do I go about reloading it on to my new drive without having to pay for it again?


Hello Mark,

If you mean EndNote X7 you can access the download for EndNote X7 on our website here:


If you mean the older version 7 which came out over ten years ago that may not be compatible with your current machine. Please let me know what Operating System and version of Word you have.

cut an paste of that link will work, but not the underlying “link” Here it is again 

It is important to find the original documentation when you purchased the product.  You will be prompted to enter your Product Key before the full version of the program will install.

Thank you, all sorted now :slight_smile: