Retrieve references from quotes article


I’m completely new to EndNote, and I won’t really be using it in the future, but I’m trying to help out my stepdaughter who is in her first year of unversity. She is learning how to use EndNote, but is struggling with an assignment.

She has to create a Word document, copy the paragraph underneath (from a scientific article), and add all the references that the author has cited in this specific paragrah.

In a review of 214 patients hospitalized in 3 dedicated COVID‐19 hospitals in Wuhan, China, 36% of patients had nerurologic.[****11]These were further subdivided into those thought to reflect CNS, peripheral nervous system (PNS), and skeletal muscle injury. Overall, 25% of patients had symptoms considered as evidence of CNS dysfunction, including dizziness (17%), headache (13%), impaired consciousness (7.5%), acute cerebrovascular disease (3%), ataxia (0.5%), and seizures (0.5%). Confirming this low incidence of seizures, no cases of status epilepticus or new onset seizures were reported in a large cohort of over 304 hospitalized patients with COVID‐19 in Hubei Province, China,[**12] although there have been isolated case reports describing seizures at presentation in both adult and pediatric patients with COVID‐19.[**13, 14]

As you can see, there are four references (11, 12, 13 & 14) in this paragraph.

My stepdaughter has added the article from which this paragraph originates (let’s call this Article A) to her EndNote library.

Next, she wants to add references 11, 12, 13 & 14 in Word. But when she clicks ‘Insert Citation’ in Word, and she selects Article A, the only reference that is added, is a reference to Article A.

That’s not what she needs. She needs to add the references that the author of Article A cited (11, 12, 13 & 14).

Is there a way to retrieve all references in Article A, using EndNote, and add them to e.g. a Word file? Or does she have to search for all of those references manually?

Any reference you want to cite in a Word document would need to be added to the library in order for them to be cited in the Word document.

You can find information on adding references on our website:

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