Retrieved From (Gap) URL

Good Evening. In my bibliography in Word, there is a multi-space gap between “Retrieved From” and the URL. How can I make this just a single space?

It maybe some missing or incorrect special characters if there empty fields or extra spaces, or it could be MSWord not wanting to break the url into two lines?  What is the output style you are using and ref type?  Is it unaltered or modified?  

I have the same problem. There is an unwanted gap between the “från” and the URL. I dont want that. 
This is how the citation looks like:

Skolverket. (2019). Statistik över elever 2018/19. Hämtad 2020-03-14

, från

And this is how it looks like in the edit templates:

Author. |(|Year|, Last Update Date|)|. Title. Series Title. Edition. Hämtad Access Date|, från URL

Can anyone sort this out?


You will have to zip the output style you are using and attach and state which ref type it is happening in, to advise, or at least copy the template affected.  As below,  it is likely you will need to add some pipes | and link adjacent characters to remove spaces associated with an empty field or fields.

I kind of solved it, thanks =)