Retrieving CD key from old hard disk registry.

Hi, my old computer recently died, and I have had to get a new one.

I would like to reinstall endnote, but I don’t have the cd case which has the cd key on me at the moment.

Is it possible to extract the cd key from the registry on my old hard drive? Does anyone know the registry address where the cd key is stored?

I have searched the ISI ResearchSoft address in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER but was unable to find it.

Will appreciate any help. Thank you. 

I don’t know Endnote has ever used CD key. It’s been serial number, and product key number. If you have the installation CD with you, I think it’d be faster to call Thomson.

So you can look at the drive but not open the program?  If you can open the program, it is displayed in the “about” splash screen.