Retrieving references of a large amount of PMIDs


I have a list of PMIDs (for PUBMED) for which I need to download references into EndNote X7. Is there a way of entering a bulk of PMIDs in EndNote and have them all retrieved? All help is appreciated.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear at present that Endnote is capable of batch processing search tasks based on the single PMID field. Searching will need to be done by one-at-a-time using the individual PMID identifiers. (You might submit a request on the Products Suggestion section of the forum for batch processing search tasks.)

If you had another field such as author names (in addition to the PMID field) you could import the fields into Endnote and generate corresponding records which in turn could be “filled-in”/updated using Endnote’s “Find Reference Updates” function. However, this method still calls for working through individual records instead of batch processing them. Moreover, it’s not guaranteed that Find Reference Updates may locate any info so you would need to fallback and search Pubmed using the PMID field.


I just read your message dating back from 2016.

I have made recently an interesting observation for batch retrieving large number of references from their accession number (PMID) with Endnote X9.
Simply paste the numbers list (each number separated by a return symbol) in the search field “PMID” when searching Pubmed and the list of references appears in the search output.
This is quite simple and useful. I have transmitted the tip to Endnote people.
D. Sanglard