RSS feeds in Endnote

I think this may be a bit of a radical idea, but it might be really useful to have an RSS reader in Endnote.  I use an RSS reader to stay up-to-date on the academic journals I follow.  I basically check the feed for articles I might be interested in reading.  Then I go to Endnote and download the citations.  Then I download the full text.  It would be really cool if one of my Endnote sidebar groups could act as an RSS reader and if I’m interested in an article, I could just drag the article’s citation into one of my permanent library groups. 


I second that request.  So many journals can be ‘skimmed’ using a feed reader.  Adding functionality that would ‘add to EndNote’ and then allow you to put RSS items into separate libraries in EndNote would be brilliant.  I don’t necessarily need the feed reader in EndNote, but I do want to put items from feeds into EndNote (however it is implemented).  Has anyone done this for themselves or their sites?   Thanks in advance.

Sue Jones

yes, that would be a great convenience 

Totally agree. I hope they can do this.