Set up online search by default


I talked in another post about a problem for online search, and here I would to make a suggestion for by-default search option.

What I would like that Endnote offers to me as a user is:

Set up for example Pubmed (NLM) as my by-default online search for references, so I won’t need to click on Pubmed (NLM) each time I want to look for a reference!

Some other users should be able to select the Library of Congress, or Web of Science or both! More choice should be available (selectable/unselectable) 

Endnote should be able memorize the choices and does the reference search accordingly when the user hit “Enter” (on the keyboard) or “Search” in the program menu.

Another option is to offer the possibility to select all or none, or some of the databases as the by-default online search! For example I should be able to select (or unselect) Pubmed, and/or Web of science and/or LISTA, and/or Library of Congress, as my default Online search.

Doing so, I don’t bother anymore that I have to click on Pubmed (NLM) each time I want to start a new search for news references. 

The 4 available databases (in the front page); Library of Congress, Pubmed (NLM), LISAT, and Web of Science, should be selectable/de-selactable (wholly and/or individually) to be set up as the default databases 

Good option, isn’t it? 

It will save time by avoiding to go forward and backward, up and down to click on Pubmed to make new search and so on! 

Set it up once as the by default search engine, and go! 

Thank you

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Excellent suggestion. I fully support it.

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Lock in a online search search choice as default so it doesn’t need to be chosen each time.  

Especially as if you forget, the extremely unhelpful result of the search is “not found” rather than - “You first need to choose a search site.”!  

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Thank you for your comments, franktietze and Leanne,

Especially as if you forget, the extremely unhelpful result of the search is “not found” rather than - "You first need to choose a search site


Yes, this always happens when we are in the local library and want to search a new reference online!

When we are in the library and we want to search a reference, we intuitively add it to the search box and click “search” but the result is always “not found”! 

This is really annoying!

Of course it will be “not found” because it is a new reference and Endnote searched for it in the local library, not online!

This is what I am suggesting to Endnote team to fix.

The online search should be dominant on the local search, so when we “search” a reference, the online search should be launched, not the local one. 

The local search, on other hand, should have its own CLEAR search box. For example “Search in local reference” (or search local library). This option is now available as “Quick search”! But what does “Quick search” stand for?

Is it quick search locally or remotely? Confusing…

In Endnote, “Quick search” means “search in the local library”.… which is not so relevant…

The search options should be clearky stated. For example:

“Search reference in the local library” or “search local library” (as a short version).

“Search reference online” or “search online” 


Again, the “Online search” should be the “default search” when we click on “Search”, or at least we should be able to set it up so.