Single line entry in bibliography

I am using EndNote X7 and Turabian style.
I am trying to get a single entry in the bibliography for multiple volumes mentioned in the footnotes as per the example below:

In the footnotes:

  1. Important Inscriptions, Vol 1, pg. 1-3
  2. Important Inscriptions, Vol 3, pg. 7-11
  3. Important Inscriptions, Vol 2, pg. 3-5

In the bibliography, a single entry for all three above entries:
Important Inscriptions, Vol 1-3

Can anyone let me know if such a thing is possible and how it could be done?
Thank in advance.

I don’t think so.  You will have to adjust the final version manually in a copy where you have converted the document to plain text.  (make sure you save the original for any edits after submission/revision.)

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Ok. Thank you for your reply.