Smart Groups based on folder names

Hi, I want to create a smart group based on both rating and folder name. E.g I have a folder names MAMMALS where some files have gotten the rating of five stars. How can I create a Smart Group which gives the files with rating is five stars AND folder is MAMMALS?

And another thing what is the expression for references has file attachment in a smart group? Do you set “File attachment is TRUE”?

I’m assuming you have additional search factors in addition to the rating.

  1. Enter “Mammals” as the Smart Group Name,  then among the search criteria create one for “Rating” which then displays 5 stars. 
  2. Think the last search attribute in the criteria might be:                  NOT     File attachments     IS           [blank]

You might also first have to edit the records filed in the smart group Mammals so that their keywords include the word “mammals”, if the Mammals group is not based on any specific search to begin with.  

But I have references from several folders with 5-star rating, but I only want those with a 5-star rating from the group ‘Mammals’.

If I used ratings, I would probably go into the Mammals group and sort by ratings and select those that were “5”, but you should be able to go into a group and search just the group for ratings of 5. 

But if you go into the group, you can search within the group for ratings of 5 stars. And then under “options” convert to smart group. 

Nope that didn’t work.  added any 5 star papers