Smart groups: Filter for groups

Please make it possible to choose from the groups, when creating a smart group. So far it is only possible to select from Endnote fields, but not by the groups to which papers are assigned. 

That means, to be able to easily filter papers that are assigned to different groups. For instance, if I search for papers that are in the group “roadmapping” (i.e. where roadmapping techniques are used), but also in the group “Germany” (i.e. a study conducted in Germany and maybe “collaboration” (i.e. where firms collaborate with universities). It would then be great, if I could just filter the three groups and get as a results these papers that match all three filters. 

Have you tried the “Create from Groups…” feature? I think this should let you achieve what you are asking for.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks for the suggestion. This seems to work. However, it would be great to have an option to choose to create a group from all subgroups within a group set. This should also include all new groups added continously to the group set.

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