start again references with each chapter


Sorry if this question is stupid but I could not find any answer on the forum except here, but the shortcut mentioned does not work.

I use endnote x2 on a computer (windows XP, office 2003) and endnote X4 on another computer (win 7, office 2007). I grouped several chapter into one file, used section breaks and managed to have all my footnotes atarting again at each new chapter.

However, I need endnote to put full references at the begining of each chapter instead of doing it once at the beginning of the document and then rely on short titles…

is there any way I could actually do that?

Thanks for your help


X2 doesn’t treat different sections differently, if that is what you are looking for (multiple bibliographies in one document).  That facility was added in X3.  to achieve what you want with ENX2, you need to keep your chapters separate and when you are ready to submit, unlink the fields and bring them into the combined document.  Perhaps the short cut you were looking for is the unlink fields shortcut, which on a PC windows machine is select all and ctrl+shift+F9, but there are other variants, including a button in the endnote toolbar that removes field codes.  Make sure that is on a copy of your document chapters. 

The more flexible “short form” ability in footnotes was not  implemented until  X4.

There is a nice list of "what’s new for X2, X3 and X4 on the Queensland website

If that isn’t what you want, (and your “here” link doesn’t work - it just links to the board and not to a message) than we need a bit more information. 

Hi, thanks for your answer.

It took me a while to understand that removing the field codes was actually related to the “full text” button. Btw, the shortlink is the one you also mentioned in the other post I was talking about, but it does not work (on my pc at least)

thanks for your help!


Unlink fields has nothing to do with “find full text”?  There are other ways to unlink fields.  I am not on my home computer but I think ctrl +6 does it too.  You have to select all first, as it is only applied to the selected text, and if they are in footnotes, I am not sure if that gets applied automatically… But search in word’s help for unlink fields, and you should be able to find the shortcuts?